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Ask the Sexpert

January 20th, 2012 // 2:04 pm @

Q. I’ve heard all about the “g-spot” orgasm, but I’ve never had one.  Are there any special techniques or positions that I should try with my partner?

A. The g-spot orgasm can be extremely pleasurable and in some cases causes the woman to ejaculate, or squirt.  The trick to stimulate the g-spot manually is to have your partner insert a finger or two and angle upwards towards your stomach.  They’ll feel a spongy patch and you’ll feel the pressure/pleasure.  G-spot stimulation can cause the woman to feel the urge to pee, but relax and enjoy the stimulation, and don’t worry about peeing.  G-spot stimulation during intercourse is easy when in the right position.  Doggy style, reverse cowgirl, and even spooning are a few positions that will put your lover at the proper angle to hit that spot. Check out our site,, where we have g-spot stimulation gel and the positions pillow, both sure to aid in finding that big O.  Happy Searching!

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