What and Where Is the G-spot?

What and Where Is the G-spot?

October 12th, 2011 // 10:36 pm @

The G-spot is a small, ridged, oval-ish area of spongy tissue that’s 2-to-3 inches inside the vagina, on its upper wall, just behind the public hairline.

The right touch can be pleasureful beyond belief, but the G-spot also serves an important biological purpose. During sexual excitement, it swells with blood to cushion the urethral cord it surrounds, protection the woman’s delicate urinary passage- way from her lover’s rapid-fire pleasure-pounding.

The G-spot is easier to locate than you might imagine. Slide a lubricated finger or two inside the vagina, along the upper wall, with fingertips facing up so you can curve your fingers toward the belly. At 2-to-3 inches inside, when the vagina’s sensual softness turns to sensational ridgy-ness -eureka- you’ve found it!

To the touch, the G-spot feels a little bulgy, about the area of a quarter, with ridges that feel much like those along the roof of your mouth(run the tip of your tongue up top now for a free demo). If you have the trouble finding it, try exploring after some heated foreplay, when it swells rom stimulations and excitement.

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