Thursday Erotica- The Principal’s Office

Thursday Erotica- The Principal’s Office

October 11th, 2012 // 3:09 pm @

I can’t believe I missed the Parent-Teacher meet and greet this morning.  To my surprise the Teacher called me at work and said that she and the Principal wanted to meet with me after school.

“I hope everything is ok,” I think to myself as I walk down the empty hallway.  Thankful that all of the students are gone after the day I have had, I enjoy only hearing the sounds of my own foot steps on the shiny floor.

“It seems too early for there to be any problems,” I continue thinking as I get closer to her office door.  I try to shake off the building anxiety, put a smile on my face and knock on the door.

The Teacher answers the door and I am immediately taken aback by her beauty.  She’s petite with long brown hair and a captivating smile.  She steps aside so that I can enter the spacious office where the Principal is seated in a leather chair across from the sofa and coffee table.

My uneasiness grows because I am really not sure why I have been summoned by these two beauties but I continue to smile and make myself comfortable on the sofa.

The teacher follows closely behind and sits next to me on the sofa. I can smell her cherry scent and am almost distracted from the words the Principal is speaking.  Attempting to regain my composure, I attempt to focus in on her and become mesmerized by her honey brown eyes.  Sitting straight up in her white button down shirt and knee length navy skirt, she looks very professional.  I can imagine that she doesn’t allow these students to get away with very much.  She continues speaking as I fantisize about the firmness of her round breasts.  I imagine my hands pushing her skirt up and my mouth starts to water thinking of ways I could loosen her up.

Just as I attempt to regain my focus (again), I feel the Teacher’s hand on my thigh as she asks if I’m ok.  I apologize for being distracted and explain that it has been a very long and stressful day in my office.  The Teacher seems to empathize with me and strokes my arm softly as I’m speaking.  The Principal removes her glasses then gets up from her seat to come and sit on the sofa with us.  She sits so closely to me that I am tempted to inch over but there is very little space between me and the Teacher.

As if I am in a dream, the Principal begins to unbutton her shirt while the Teacher does the same.  Within seconds both ladies are wearing nothing but lacy underwear and high heels.  Thoroughly confused but not foolish enough to ask any questions, my head swivels from side to side watching them undress.

The Teacher leans over and begins to kiss me.  Her soft cherry lips excite me as the Principal climbs on my lap and begins to rub herself against me.  Not sure if I am dreaming or not, I grab the Principal’s round ass with my left hand and begin squeezing the Teacher’s breasts with my right.

As the Principal begins to undress me she says with stern voice, “We need you to be President of the PTA.  You must meet with us once per week.”

by Honey P

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