Thursday Erotica- The Chef

Thursday Erotica- The Chef

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Let me cook for you baby…

I had been dating Joey for a few months. Things were starting to get a little stale in the bedroom. I think he could sense I was getting a little bit bored. He was studying to be a chef at the culinary institute, so of course he’d cooked for me before. It’s actually one of the things I grew to love about him. But, he’d never gone all out like he did this particular night.

I came home from work and my apartment had been decorated with candles and Rose petals. I found my man busy in the kitchen cooking. The smell was decadent. I kissed him passionately. He had me at the gesture. I was ready to forgo his carefully planned feast and make love to him right there in the kitchen. He told me to go upstairs, get more comfortable, and to give him about fifteen minutes to finish cooking.

I undressed and showered. As I lathered, I fantasized about what was to come later that evening. I really appreciated what he’d planned and couldn’t wait to thank him in my own special way. I knew we’d be busy pleasing each other for hours and I couldn’t wait. It wasn’t the sex that had me bored, after all. I had just grown tired of the same routine in the bedroom. Even great sex could be boring if you do it the same way each night.

After my shower, I dressed in a sexy chemise. I’d lathered my skin to softness with a coconut oil enhanced with cinnamon. I dabbed pheromones behind my ears and in my cleavage. Not that he had a choice, but he wouldn’t be able to resist my sexy combination of cinnamon for an aphrodisiac and pheromones for attraction.

His eyes lit up when I got downstairs. He told me how beautiful I looked and how he couldn’t wait to have me for dessert. I don’t know how he still managed to smell so good after he’d been slaving over the stove. Something about his cologne always turned me on. It was intoxicating.

He pulled out my chair and I took a seat. He told me that we’d be trying something a little different tonight and that I should trust him. Then he blindfolded me and told me that he’d be feeding me the appetizer.

Even though, i was blindfolded, I still closed my eyes and let go. The first things he fed me were fruit, nothing fancy, just assorted grapes, pineapples, watermelon, and strawberries. The sensation in my mouth from the different tastes and textures was so erotic. It was more than a simple fruit assortment. All of my senses were on fire because I didn’t know what to expect next.

He planted a few soft kisses on my lips, cheek, and neck. He’d started to move towards my ear and I thought I would go into sensory overload. I was so aroused and all he’d done was feed me some fruit and kiss me a few times. It was more than that this time. It was the care he’d taken in feeding me slowly and his sweet whispers in my ears that had me ready to rip off the blindfold and ravage him right there. But, I resisted, I was patient.


He removed the blindfold so we could eat his gourmet meal consisting of food with names I couldn’t pronounce. We ate and talked and flirted. The suspense and foreplay had us both ready to explode.

He brought out strawberries and chocolate for dessert. I know it sounds cliché, but I thought it was very romantic. He dipped the berry in white chocolate and fed it to me slowly. I savored each bite. We took turns feeding each other. I dipped my finger into the chocolate and fed it to him. He took care in removing all the chocolate from my fingertip. His licks sent jolts of electricity down to my center.

I told him if he made me wait any longer, I’d take it from him. We kissed for what seemed like an eternity. He moved from my lips to my neck, down to my protruding nipples. He stimulated one while paying close attention to the other. Next thing I knew he had both in his mouth. I nudged his head a bit, hoping he’d get the idea. I needed to feel his lips. I needed him to taste me. He took the hint and moved lower. He flicked his tongue rapidly in and out of my belly button. He moved towards my inner thighs. He was so close to my hot center, yet I knew he’d make me suffer a bit longer. He moved from my inner thighs down to my knees and calves. Next he feasted on my toes one by one. I watched as he savored each pedicured toe. I was dripping wet. It was as if my center was on fire. And then…

He tasted me. He started off with slow licks on my pearl. He alternated slow licks with rapid tongue strokes across my swollen bud. I was moaning in delight from the sweet torture. I felt an eruption building and I wanted to release my first orgasm. He dipped his tongue in and out of me as I feverishly met his strokes with my pelvis. His thumb stroked my clit in circles. I couldn’t take much more. He replaced his thumb with his warm mouth and inserted two fingers into my honey pot. He curled his fingers toward my g-spot. I was so aroused, dripping wet, and ready to climax. I tightened my muscles on him, so he quickened the pace. He could sense I was close. He alternated fast and slow strokes with both his fingers and mouth until I exploded in orgasmic bliss. I quivered from the aftershocks from my powerful orgasm.

Once I recovered, I took my time trailing kisses down his athletic body. I kissed his taught chest and rolled his nipples between my fingers. I got lost in his “wings”, those muscles just above the pelvis. My tongue ran through the crevice and teased his sides. His body was built like a Greek god.  I slowly made my way to his throbbing penis.  I started by teasing the tip. I then took all of him into my hot mouth. I saw him throw his head back in delight. His eyes were closed and I could see from his facial expression, I had him right where I wanted him. I adjusted to a steady rhythm as I bobbed my head up and down in his lap. Adjusting my suction and swallowing him whole.

As if he could read my mind, he flipped me on my back and entered me in one swift motion. I was dripping wet. We met with each stroke as he explored my walls slowly and deliberately like he’d lost something. I could feel my second eruption coming. It felt so good. He started to pull back slowly and then thrust deeply into my center. Over and over he repeated strokes as I scratched at his back. I kissed his salty skin and moaned uncontrollably as my body began to shake, signally my next full-body explosion. I bucked against us pelvis and came hard.


I got on top and rolled my hips on his lap while he fed on my breasts. He held down my hips and pumped wildly upwards. I bounced up and down to match his ferocious rhythm. While meeting his upward strokes, I tightened my muscles onto him. He screamed out my name. We continued our violent pace until I could see he was close to his climax. A few more strokes and we came together.

He needs to cook more often…

by Cinnamon

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