Thursday Erotica- Superbowl Sex

Thursday Erotica- Superbowl Sex

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“YES! WE WON! BABY WE WON WE WON WE WON!!” my boyfriend screamed over and over. His team had just won the super bowl and he was ecstatic. I plastered on my best fake smile and mustered up, “Yay babe!” He was too into the excitement to notice that I really didn’t care. As he watched the winning team rejoice with their families and the post game interviews, I finished cleaning up the living room. Super bowl day is MAN’S DAY. No complaining, every need is met before the request is made, and absolutely NO interrupting. I know the rules, and I happily oblige. This was our first MAN’S DAY we had spent together, so not only did I have to play Betty Crocker, and Mr. Clean, I also had to remain a vixen so he’d have something sexy by his side on game day. Exhausted couldn’t describe what I was feeling, but I flashed my pearly whites every time he looked my way, which wasn’t much today. I’m really not into sports, so in order to sit through the biggest game of the year I had to extra cocktails on deck. When my Boo was glued to the screen, I would sneak a few sips of his beer too.


The living room was clean.  The only thing left out of place was a loud flat screen TV and an excited boyfriend. I figured he would get the hint that I had retired to my room, but I feel like it took that sports fanatic an eternity to realize his vixen had slipped away. When he finally arrived to my quarters, he playfully chastised me for leaving him. The game was over and so was extreme niceness. “Are you kidding me? I cooked, cleaned…” UMPH! Mid sentence I went from standing up in the middle of my bed to being flat on back befuddled as to how I went from vertical to horizontal so fast. Before I could get out a question my boyfriend had already moved my panties to the side and dove head first into my thirsty vagina. He licked, flicked, sucked, poked, and massaged my kitty. Spreading my legs further apart gave him the signal that I wanted him inside of me. He slipped two fingers into my depth. I immediately started thrusting. Pushing down my stomach with his other hand and never coming up from air had me on the brim of a massive orgasm. Finally he let me gyrate my hips and mid thrust I came. My love wiped his face on my inner thigh and stood up over me. I unzipped his pants and pulled down his jeans and boxers in unison. He stepped out of his clothes and waited for my next move.  Seeing his erection almost made me cum again, but I kept my composure and started to moisten his balls with my tongue. He moaned and ran his hands through my hair. Needing a better angle, I pulled him down and laid him on his back. I downed the rest of my cocktail and went to work on my man’s dick. After he was super hard I engulfed his member in between my double D breasts. Just wearing panties to bed had really worked to my advantage lately. I slid up the length of his penis while keeping the head in my mouth. By this time he was bulging and pulling my hair so ferociously that I thought he was going to pull it out.  “Baby, come here,” my love demanded. I knew exactly what he wanted. I turned around and crawled up his body backwards. Grabbing both ass cheeks he fucked me with his tongue. I resumed sucking and twisting.  His speed matched mine and he pushed me forward before he came. I sat on his throbbing dick and rode him backwards. I guess he wanted to get deeper because he bent me over the side of the bed while thrusting me from behind. My hands were holding onto the bottom of the mattress and my hair was sweeping the hard wood floor. He finally pulled me up and laid me on my stomach. Propping my butt up to the usual position, I shivered as he entered me. He reached his long muscular arm around my hips and began to tickle my clit as he pounded me from behind. Within 37 seconds I had come again. He turned me on my back and locked eyes with me. I thought he was going to keep going, but he decided to kiss me. I never imagined we would taste so good. He trailed his way down my neck to my breasts. Grabbing both of them in his hands he teased my belly button and found his way to my clit. I begged him not to because I didn’t think I could take anymore, but he ignored my requests. Baby spelled his name, my name, and the entire alphabet on my clitoris. As I convulsed, he entered me slow and gyrated his hips. This made my convulsions violent and I screamed his name. He collapsed on me and cradled my head to his chest. It took my stallion minutes before he pulled out and asked me where I wanted him. I pointed to some random place on my body but it was too late. I felt his hot steamy cum all over my breasts. It trailed down my stomach and ended at the top of my vagina. I rubbed my hands all over my wet sticky body and basked in his explosion. Boo ended up laying to the right of me. He kissed me on my forehead and I whispered; “Touchdown.”


Can’t wait till next year’s superbowl.


-Anita Cocktail

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