Thursday Erotica- Gym Time

Thursday Erotica- Gym Time

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Gym Time

Well, Hockey Wives, Horrible Girls Club, and The Real Housebunnies of Atlanta have all gone off. It’s that time of the evening again; gym time…yay! LIE. I promised my trainer that I would continue coming even though our expensive sessions had ended. The only reason I was rushing to her overpriced ass is because I was paying for it. Now that I’m back to being a regular member paying $35.99 once a month, I can go whenever I want to, not just when she has an opening. Who am I kidding? The only reason I go so late now is because I’m convinced that All Day All Night Gym is paying members who are already sexy to crowd the equipment. Why are they even in here with their perfect arms, legs, butts and No guts? Shoot my size 16 behind should be the one getting paid to come to the  gym; I’m a real person! But enough conspiracy theories, let me get my bubble butt to the gym, maybe Mr. God’s Legs will be there tonight, that brotha is FWINE!

Whew! I did it, 27 minutes on the “Stair Massa”, 200 crunches, 100 leg presses, and 50 squats successfully completed! I’m on my way to getting paid to come to the gym la la LA la la! Well I can’t take all of the credit for tonight’s stellar workout; Mr. God’s Legs was here tonight and who couldn’t go hard watching such a fine man strut around the gym? He looked so delicious; sweat dripping from his brow down his 6’5” perfect body. You know somebody is sexy when they’re Dove milk chocolate brown and sweat beams up against their skin. His neck is football player thick and his broad shoulders and arms tell the story of a corn fed man that benched stacks of hay growing up. Today I think he benched 415 lbs. His red muscle shirt barely covered his massive pecks. It dipped just low enough to expose a bare chest and the top of his 6-pack. I love it when he wipes is forehead with his shirt. But all of that heaven sits perfectly on what I like to call “God’s Legs”.  His thighs are so thick and ripped. I remember the time he wore a pair of track shorts to the gym. I had never seen so many lines in a leg before. He’s packing too. Granted he had on biking shorts underneath, but his package was bulging. There wasn’t an erection but his dick did hang low and I could tell by the way he was lifting, he was soft.  Umph! Tonight he has on a pair of loose gray sweats. Not mad, I know what’s underneath. His knees aren’t even bruised, but they are slightly darker than the rest of his leg. But the real magic happens when you count the cuts in his calf muscles. There’s nothing more perfect than calf muscles that complement thigh muscles. Some people have bulging calves that look ridiculous beneath average sized thighs. And to finish it off he has the perfect size 14 shoe, could be a 15 but I’m comparing his feet to the size of my laptop screen and they seem to be about the same length. Thank you Mr. God’s Legs for the motivation, see ya tomorrow same time same place, I thought to myself as I walked, slowly, to the locker room.

I made a B line for the sink; I needed to wash my face before I grabbed my stuff and went home. As I wiped my face, I saw Mr. God’s Legs staring at me in the mirror. Ok he’s fine, but dude is obviously blind. I turned around to exit and tell him he was in the wrong locker room but he blocked my exit.

“Umm excuse me, I’m trying to leave the Ladies’ locker room and you’re in my way Sir,” I stated with way too much attitude. I don’t care how gorgeous he is, I don’t play the damsel in distress role for no man. He smiled. Damn, he’s got perfect white teeth too?

“I apologize for blocking your exit, but this is the Men’s locker room Beautiful,” he retorted. I looked to my left and saw the urinals. Shit! I hung my head in embarrassment and covered my face with my hands mumbling curse words. Mr. God’s Legs placed his huge hand on my shoulder and said,

“No worries sexy, it happens to the best of us.” I looked up stunned that he was touching me, and he just called me sexy, and then I remembered he just called me beautiful too! Oh he’s good.

“Sexy?” I questioned. He smiled again and answered,

“Well, I’m sure you have a name, but in my mind I’ve always called you Ms. Hips. I’ assure you that it’s definitely not a dis, you just have the best hips I’ve ever seen in my entire life. “

“Huh?” was all I could come up with. He continued,

“I used to see you with your trainer, and the first time I saw you I was completely mesmerized. This gym is filled with a lot of skinny women starving themselves on an air-pudding diet, and it was refreshing to see a grown, thick, sexy woman coming in here. I stopped seeing you, so I thought you had transferred gyms until I saw you in here late one night when I was fighting insomnia. I’m embarrassed that I’m telling you all of this, but every time I see you I try to come up with the perfect line to step to you with, but you just take my breath away and make me question my confidence. That’s never happened to me before and by the stunned expression on your face, I should probably stop talking now and let you leave. Ok, nice meeting you…Ms.…well can I at least have your name so I don’t feel like such a total idiot?”

“Lola,” I answered. He extended his hand and flashed that killer smile again,

“Sweet name for such a sweet looking woman. I’m Brent, nice to meet you and have a good night.” As he moved backwards, I held onto his hand. He looked down at our hands then met the gaze in my eye. Without speaking, I pulled him closer to me, stood on my tiptoes and kissed his cheek, then the other side, and finally his lips. My eyes were closed so I could have been kissing cotton, but when his tongue separated my lips, I was reassured that his lips were in fact just that soft. Flat footed again and eyes opened, Mr. Brent God’s Legs stared into my big brown eyes. In a flash he cupped my behind with his hands, lifted me off the ground, and carried me to the sink. I felt as light as a feather, that hadn’t happed since…well never. We were kissing hard, yet there was a passion to it that made me feel desired and not just wanted. We stopped when we heard voices, so he scooped up my full figured frame and carried me to a shower stall. Silent, we waited till the voices grew louder then faded away. Smiling, Brent removed my shirt. I tried to stop him, but his soft hazel eyes said it was ok to let him see my naked torso. I lifted my arms and came out of my top. He then removed my sports bra. Standing nude from top up I realized that this was the first time I had never felt uncomfortable exposing my body. Next, he slid down my tights taking my panties along the way. I stepped out of my sneakers to help him & he removed my socks. Now I was completely nude.  Brent took me in from toes up.

“I knew it, I knew you were even more stunning underneath.” He said.

“Thank you,” I whispered. He could tell I was blushing, so he turned me around to face the wall and pressed me up against the faucet. Spreading my legs with his feet, he let his fingers talk to my clit. I moaned so softly. He ran another finger up and down the crease of my butt and teased the hole. After he stuck his finger in my vagina, I couldn’t hold it anymore; I was about to cum. Feeling me clamp, he increased his speed and just as he wanted, I came all over his hand .By this time, my hands were scratching the walls and my knees were shaking. He removed his hands and while I caught my breath and I heard him licking his fingers and remove his clothes. Once he became naked, I turned on the water. For a few moments the water just cascaded off of his tall perfect body and fell onto my short thick frame. I slid down the wall and landed on my knees. I wanted to see it. Just as I had suspected, Brent was packing. He washed his member off with liquid soap, and with each stroke it grew and I just stared in amazement. I watched him rinse it off and as soon as the last of the suds disappeared my mouth appeared on his penis. I took him in and grabbed his balls. Now, it was his hands that were scratching the wall. I decided to give him my deep-throat-no-gag-head-so-tight-special. He let out a loud moan and looked down at me in disbelief. I continued doing what I do and he grabbed my now soaked hair and guided me. I was going in. I wanted his dick to live in my mouth. Snatching my head away, he stood me up and started sucking on my boobs. I took that as an opportunity to wash my kitty. Brent kissed me down past my navel and found my clit again. He started sucking and twirling his tongue. Then out of nowhere I was off the ground. Mr. Freaking Brent God’s Legs had lifted my extra-large behind off the ground and pleasured me in the air. I held onto the wall with one hand and the wall of the stall with the other while I looked around for other members. I quickly stopped looking when Brent sucked a baby out of my clit. I immediately came again. Still sitting high in the sky, I convulsed all over Brent’s face. He slid me down the wall so he could rinse his mouth out and wash his face. I was frozen up against the wall in a state bewilderment. He reached for his pants over the door and pulled out his wallet. Then he revealed that beautiful golden ticket. I definitely felt like Charlie! I watched him tear open the packet and roll it up his beautiful chocolate shaft. Figuring he wanted it from the back I proceeded to turn around. He stopped me and said,

“No, I want to see you baby.” He lifted my leg and entered my pulsating vagina. I squealed as he gently forced himself inside of me. In and out he let his head tease my opening. He was definitely skilled because the best lovers know that a woman’s G-Spot is only a few inches deep into her vagina. He teased my “Great Spot” oh so well. His pace picked up and before I knew it, my other leg was of fthe ground and he was pounding me up against the wall. I held onto his thick neck for dear life and bit his nipple. Oh he liked that because that put him into over drive.

“Baby, I’m about to cum,” he whaled.

“Please do. I want you to cum baby. Cum inside of me. I want to feel your dick release in this pussy daddy. Keep giving it to me, I want it, I need it. I need you to finish inside of me.” I responded. Brent groaned and dug me so hard that my head jerked back and forth in response to his strokes.

“AAAAAHHHHHHHH!” He let out. All I could do was catch my breath.  We slid to the floor, still connected. Once he caught his breath, he kissed me underneath the shower waterfall. We ended up staying that way for the next 10 or so minutes. I stood up first and helped him to his feet. He removed his condom & balled it up in one of his socks. We washed each other with our bare hands. I almost melted when he washed my hair. Sealing our shower with a kiss, we exited the stall barefoot. We put our clothes on slowly as if the likelihood of someone entering the locker room wasn’t a possibility. Luckily, no one came in. Brent opened his locker and pulled out his phone. He snapped a picture of me and smiled.

“What did you do that for, I look a mess?” I scolded. He just smiled and replied.

“Just give me your number.” I responded,

“718-694-2562.” He could tell I was still bothered by his picture-snapping stunt.

“Chill out baby. I just wanted to remember you this way. The day I Finally met the woman I had been dreaming about for months.” He called my phone from his, so when I got to my belongings I would have his number too. I rose to my tiptoes again and kissed him on the cheek and said,

“Can’t wait till our next work out.” I walked out of the Men’s locker room head held high and a smile mile wide.

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