Sexy & Single in New York

Sexy & Single in New York

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At the first day of Freshman Orientation, I can vividly remember being told that the ratio of women to men was 5:1 in Atlanta.  That statement was a bit discouraging for my 16 year old ears.  I wasn’t much of a betting woman back then, but those odds didn’t seem good.  Fast forward five years and I was living in a city with 8 million people.  I’d exited college and moved back home to New York, where ironically the ratio was also 5:1.

I have spent my entire adult life living in cities with extremely high female to male ratios.  Despite the odds, I’ve made it through partially unscathed.  They say you have to kiss many frogs to get to the prince; well my lips will be green if I pucker up for another frog.

Let’s see:

There was Mr. Failure to Commit.  Now, if I’d had it my way, I’d be married to Mr. Failure.  Obviously I’m not because I’m writing this blog.  Well, in short, Mr. Failure refused to settle down until it was too late.

Then there was Mr. Mommy Issues.  No one wants a mama’s boy.  Let’s cut the cord already. Enough said.

Mr. Gemini was a trip.  Now ladies, this one is a scary one because he has another personality that is dying to come out.  This is where it gets “fun”…You never know when or where the other personality will surface.  Mr. Gemini doesn’t even know!  On the highly unlikely side, Mr. Gemini’s alter ego may actually be nicer and caring than he is, but generally speaking, the “twin” is the polar opposite of the person you have been in a relationship with.  Ladies, when Mr. Gemini rears his head, RUN!  It’s like being in a threesome that you didn’t agree to.

There was also, Mr. Perfect on Paper, Mr. Thug Life, Mr. You Should Just Date My Family, etc.

The truth is; I’ve had relationship and dating experiences that could easily be the material for a New York Times Bestseller.  But, I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world.  My past experiences have shaped and molded me into the woman I am today.  It’s those experiences that have taught me what I want from a relationship and most importantly, the signs to RUN and RUN fast!

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Sexy & Single in New York

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