Sexy & Single in Atlanta

Sexy & Single in Atlanta

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I have been off working and building a new budding friendship since my last Single in Atlanta post. As I sit back and observe the characteristics of my new friend; I have come to the realization that a girl has to go through a couple of toad faces to appreciate a prince.

In the past if a man did not fit into a certain category I did not give him the time of day. I felt that being selective was a way to protect my precious time and prevent heartache. I watched my girlfriends suffer from being too open and not selective enough. I told myself that I would not be that girl! I had an internal wish list of what I wanted in a man and I was adamant about not veering from that ideal.

As I reflect on my mental wish list when it comes to guys it hampered growth and awesome learning experiences. When a woman dates and is open to different types of people she learns what she loves about the opposite sex. When a woman is open to different types of men she also learns what she absolutely hates about the opposite sex. The only way to win the game of life is to get in the game and play. I play to win in all areas, so my LOVE life should be no different.

After going out with guys that fit my internal barometer, I decided to open myself up to a different sort of guy. I traded in the Brooks Brother Suit wearing guy who kept his resume on hand for a guy who is a free spirit, an artist, and visionary. My new guy does not feign pretention and/or drop names. He does not punch a time clock yet he works around the clock. I decided to try something new and realized that the things that I thought I wanted in a guy were pretty silly at best. The guys that I thought I wanted did not match his best characteristics such as patience, kindness, dependability, and he is a cutie pie!

I am excited to pursue this new friendship. But as I think back on the guys that I thought I wanted I can laugh and appreciate the experience. If I didn’t go through all those toads; I wouldn’t be able to fully appreciate this prince!

Have you ever tried something new? Did it work out for you? What are some things you look for in the opposite sex?

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