Poetry Mondays- Online Romance

Poetry Mondays- Online Romance

February 27th, 2012 // 8:12 pm @


We met one day when the skies were gray...
As I turned on the computer, one lonely day.
You were there, ready to share
Dreams and hopes, willing to care.
The more we talked, the closer we grew
The REAL you and I, were the people we knew.
How can we love so much by words on a screen?
Is it only online fun; is it only a dream?
Or can it be real and we take the next step?
To finally meet....to hold.....to love.....to never forget?
The passion that grew from two lonely souls...
The reality of life, no one else knows.
Friends we were first, from the day we said "Hi"
Lovers thereafter? Will it be our "good bye"?
Will my fantasy change when I look in your eyes?
Or will we become one with reality, where love never dies?
Do we take the chance, or leave it at this?
Dare to move forward for one simple kiss?
I will end my thoughts here and simply say.....
You have touched my heart, my life, in a very special way.
I love you for YOU, nothing else more to say....
Making my life more complete, with your touch, everyday.

by V Thompson

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