Poetry Mondays- My World

Poetry Mondays- My World

February 27th, 2012 // 8:10 pm @


I look into your eyes
They are blue
Blue as the planet Venus on a clear summer evening
Blue as the pure and untouched lakes of the past

As I gaze into them I realize something
I realize that I have fallen
Fallen, very far
In love

We have many memories 
Mainly from our friendship
I wish I could have had the courage to share my thoughts
I wish I could have opened up 
and just for once take a chance on something, someone

We humans are not immortal
Time is precious
I have wasted too much of it regretting 
and saying ?I wish I would have...?
One must grab life by its arm and lead it

You can?t imagine how hard it was to not show my emotions
I saw you everyday, each day I would try to work up the courage
But, I just felt like I did not have a chance

You are precious to me
You mean the world to me
You are beautiful

One day I will work up the courage
One day I will take that chance
One day will come... soon

by James Lee Selix

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