Magic City Monday

Magic City Monday

November 7th, 2011 // 2:40 pm @

It was a Monday and my man and I had a date. We were trying the strip club for the first time. It would be a stretch to curb my jealousy, but I was up for anything. Well, most things 😉 I was dressed to the nines. Hair, check. Nails, check. Fuck me pumps, check. I even put on a sexy bustier to remind my man what he was going home to. I’ll admit, I was curious. Curious to see what all the hype was about. Curious to see why Larry went to the club so often. But, my curiosity had me prepared to do whatever it took to keep him coming home at night. I watched the women grind and move on the stage. I watched Larry’s eyes as they lit up. Then I watched his crotch. I could see him getting excited. I could see the desire in his eyes. Then I focused on him, my man, my love. I noticed that he was into me. Yearning for me, aching to feel all of me all over him all night long. We left the club arm in arm. As we got in the car, I felt his hand push my head into his lap. That’s just it, I didn’t mind, actually, I loved giving him head. I bobbed and sucked and licked as he navigated through the streets to my apartment. I was so turned on, so wet, so ready for him to fuck me hard. We got to my house and he pinned me against the door, planting passionate kisses all around my face and neck. I was so wet. I couldn’t wait for him to taste me. As his kisses trailed down my body, I laid down on the carpet. He kept the pace, kissing, sucking, teasing. I just needed and wanted to feel his lips all over my clit. I began to fantasize as he started to eat my pussy. He licked, I got excited. He licked faster and teased and played with my clit. All I needed was to get fucked the right way. He flipped me over and began to hit it from the back. Harder and faster. It was like he was trying to punish me. He knew just how to tilt his penis to stroke my g-spot from behind. I came as his strokes slowed. I lay in his arms completely satisfied. We have to go to the strip club more often.


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