How Long is Too Long to Go Without SEX?

How Long is Too Long to Go Without SEX?

March 7th, 2012 // 6:57 pm @

How Long is Too Long to go Without Sex?

by Noreen Sumpter, Personal Life Coach

Sex, Sex, Sex. I have not had sex in about One year and one month. It is time for me to get some Man Energy because I have noticed that I am surrounded by women. I work with women, and I hang out with women.

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Presently I have been focusing on man energy and sex.  I have attracted into my life the activities of my neighbors. So, okay, I have not been sexually active, however my neighbors’ sex lives are quite active. For instance, my upstairs neighbor and his boyfriend are having so much sex that I am afraid that the ceiling is going cave in, and I end up under their bed. My neighbor to the left of me, who has two bedrooms, but has just put a new bed in the bedroom that I share a party-wall with has decided that this will be his new sex room. Well, he and his girlfriend wake me up at 6:00am to the not so sweet sounds of them screaming, groaning wildly and the headboard banging on the party-wall. I think the Universe is now telling me something. (Loud and Clear).

Neighbors KNOW My Name

So as the founder of I am Pink Bubble, where the intention is nothing is wrong, there is no lack and everything is available, I am answering the Universe and I’m bringing some man energy into my life. My world has been without Man Energy for far too long.

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So, this last Thursday at a party, I conjured up a very attractive man, who invited me to hang with him in Jamaica- that is another story for another time ladies. This weekend I am off to Jamaica for a fun time in the sun with some overdue Man Energy. Who knows maybe my sex life will be revived. But I won’t tell.

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Answer the Following Questions:

How long has it been since you have had some Man Energy? How long is too long? What are you willing to do about it?

I request that you put on your Man Attracting Energy and go get you some Man Energy. Do you accept?

Noreen Sumpter, Personal Life Coach: works with High Achievers who feel trapped in their private life and helps them build up their personal confidence and self-esteem. By helping you clear mental clutter and dissolve limiting beliefs, you can take deliberate steps, own your voice, speak your truth and have the freedom to Live Life Your Way.

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