Erotica Thursday- Tonight

Erotica Thursday- Tonight

May 31st, 2012 // 2:17 pm @


By Trish (@GimmeUnusual)

Shhh…don’t utter a word unless it’s my name.

Don’t even move a muscle…I got this.

Your body is the business and I’m gone have it…TONIGHT.

What’s that? You want me to tell you everything I’m going to do to you?

I guess that can be arranged, but when I’m done saying it, I’m gone reenact that, smack that, twist that, and kiss that…

Don’t act all shy now girl…you know exactly what you came here for. And I’m gone give it to you…tonight.

Don’t talk…just listen. First I’m going to turn on the lights…I need to see every morsel of your body as I tease you, please you, seduce you, juice you…

Then I’m going to lay your pretty little body down on this bed and slowly undress you. Don’t shiver baby; you’ll be longing for cool air once I’m done with you.

I want to see your body tremble in more ways than one. I’m going to lightly blow on your skin; just enough to make the hairs on your arms stand. Preparation baby…for what’s to come. Next I’m going to take one of the ice cubes melting in that bowl right there, and I’m going to let the water from the cube drip down on your belly…in your navel…all over your breasts…

Do you mind if I place the ice in between my lips and trace the majestic angles of your body…shhh…don’t answer. I’m in control tonight.

Watch me work.

I’m going to sip up every drizzle on your skin…slurp up the fragments inside your navel…lick up every wayward drip across your belly…and when I get to your nipples…I won’t have mercy.

Why you blushing? Do I make you nervous?

Just when the chills across your body try to overtake you, my hands will warm you. I’ll start at your shoulders and glide my hands down your arms. Damn you so beautiful with them perky tits.

Your skin is still damp from my icy kisses…glistening like the morning’s first dew. I can’t help but rub my face over your belly and in between your breasts…you smell so sweet. Jasmine covered skin melting elegantly onto my sheets…delectable, edible, impeccable…

Please don’t mind me as I squeeze your heavenly thighs…as I place your French manicured toes into the air and run my tongue up the backs of your calves…you’re quivering baby…but I’m so far from done.

I’m aware of your body…back arched, lips obtruded, and your eyes begging for more. I got just what you’ve been waiting for.

This leg belongs here and the other one there…FUCK! Forgive me as I stare but your pretty pussy got me having a private, cerebral affair.

Pardon me as I make your body my fortress.

My tongue will send you in subliminal delight as I lick every nook and cranny to be found…ignite…your body blazing…your mind racing…tonight.

I’m going to start at your temple and trail my lips across your cheek. I’ll get there baby…you don’t have to fret.

Your lips are my paradise…plump, sweet…damn baby…you got me feenin’…ready to eat…

Your saccharine neck and supple breasts…yeah…you know it…I’m the best.

Watch me as I go down below…watch me as I write my name on it. When I’m done you’ll tattoo my name on it.

I know you wanna touch my pulsing, hard dick…but lay here…for there is nothing about tonight that will be quick.

Your nectar satisfies my appetite, your throbbing pussy signing my invite.

Who am I to keep suspended your true heart’s desire? You’re the buyer, I’m the supplier.

Your body welcomes me as I glide in…squeeze that pussy for me as I swirl in, twirl in, flip you upside down and curl in.

Say my name.

You’re scratching up my back, and I’m pulling on your hair. You’re bucking that pussy up on me…a lioness ready to attack.

No mistaking it…your body is a temple and I’m going to show it much do respect. As I eject erections of love inside of you and subject you to the passions within…

Say my name.

Warm honey milk in between your thighs, dripping on the sheets, in between my teeth…fuck around and fertilize.

You think I’m talking shit? Well, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

I’m going to ravish your body, tantalize it, eat it…heat it…and beat it up. And just when you think it’s over, I’m coming back for more…retire you, bankrupt, foreclosure…

If you think you can’t take it all…baby just say when but TONIGHT I have planned for us to do it over and over again.

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