Erotic Thursdays- Slow Burn

Erotic Thursdays- Slow Burn

February 9th, 2012 // 10:59 am @

Slow Burn

I had just come back from a business trip and I could not wait to see my husband.  I wanted to taste, touch, and feel him all night long.  He met me at the airport.  When we locked eyes, it was electrifying.  I felt a jolt from the top of my head to the soles of my feet.  Derrick just had that effect on me.  He’d always had that effect on me.  After almost 13 years, he still knew how to make me tingle all over.

We rode home, sharing small talk about my trip.  He caught me up on what had gone on at home in my absence. 

We arrived at the house and I could’ve cared less about going out for a romantic dinner.  I just wanted to share our bed with him.  But, I enjoyed his company regardless.  I picked out a sexy outfit.  I figured since he was tormenting me with anticipation, I might as well play his game too.

He took me to this bistro.  He prearranged a tasting menu from the chef.  We flirted and talked and reminisced during the seven courses.  We shared champagne and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. 

I was so in love with this man.  The candlelight, the secluded booth, and even the music had all painted the perfect landscape for a wonderful evening.

We left the restaurant arm in arm.  The drive home was brutal.  I really couldn’t wait.  The fact that I was so anxious and my husband was so calm was a bit scary.  Scary in a good way of course.  I knew that he planned a long evening of lovemaking for us.  My body was so ready.

We returned home to a candlelit house, with rose petals scattered everywhere.  I have no idea how he managed this because we had been together for the whole evening.  It didn’t even matter at this point because I was going to enjoy.

We entered the bedroom and Derrick slowly took all of my clothes off.  He began to kiss me with such a passion.  Every time was like the first time with him.  My lips, my eyelids, my neck all showered with delicate kisses.  He moved down my body, paying attention to the places you wouldn’t even expect to receive attention.  He kissed my elbows, my fingertips, my knees, all of my toes, and everything in between.  It was so erotic.  He finally moved up my body to my now swollen bud.  I needed him to hurry up.  I slowly began to grind my pelvis into his face, matching his rhythm as he ate my pussy like a starved man.  I felt him lick and suck and tease, as I thought I would float off of the bed.  He continued teasing me.  He would bring me just to the brink of orgasm and then stop and switch rhythms and techniques.  He did this at least three times.  I begged him to make me cum.  I couldn’t take the sweet torture anymore.  When I finally erupted, it was magical.  I was so satisfied, but I also knew there was much more to come.

He slid up my body and planted a big, wet, juicy kiss on my lips.  He kissed me like I was the only woman in the world, slow and passionate.  I begged him to penetrate me.  I needed to feel all of him inside of me.  I couldn’t wait any longer.  Finally, he entered me, slowly at first.  Careful to make sure I was wet enough.  And slow enough so that I could feel every inch of him.  He adjusted his pace and I met each thrust with my pelvis. 

We switched positions and he began to penetrate me from the side.  He elevated my leg so he could hit my sweet spot with each thrust.  I was so close to having another explosive orgasm.

I pushed him back onto the bed so I could taste him.  He tasted so good.  I licked all over his rock hard penis.  I took his whole length in my mouth, as I played with his balls.  He watched me treat him to the same pleasure that he had given me.  I sucked and licked and teased until I was ready to ride him.  I climbed on top and began to work my hips into a rhythm.  We matched each other stroke for stroke.  Each stroke stimulated my clit.  I was so close.  I began to feed him my ample breasts one by one, as I continued to bounce, gyrate, and move my box on his shaft.  I could feel my orgasm building and I wasn’t going to wait to achieve my pleasure.  I sped up my pace until I could feel my sweet release boiling over.  I shuddered in sheer pleasure as waves of orgasms washed over my body.

He flipped me over, placed my legs tightly together, and began to enter me from behind.  He sped up, while kissing the back of my neck with fervor.  He pulled out almost to the tip and returned his entire length into my heaven, over and over.  It felt so good.  I could feel him clenching as his pace sped up.  He began to drill me from behind; hard, quickly, and feverishly. 

We came together.  Shudder for shudder.  I was so satisfied.  He held me in his arms and stroked my hair.  He told me how much he loved me.  We made love for the rest of the night.  Fast, slow, and all in between. 

I should go on business trips more often.


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