Erotic Thursdays- Beg for it

Erotic Thursdays- Beg for it

February 9th, 2012 // 12:39 pm @

We met at a Lakers game and I have to say it was his smile that got the best of me right away. I was with my girls, sitting courtside, watching him joke around and act crazy. I knew he noticed me when he playfully winked in my direction. I like to be chased so I acted uninterested until he gave me that yeah you cute, but don’t let that shit go to your head look. It’s not like I’m conceited or anything but I knew I could have any man in the Staples Center that night, the fact that his little arrogant ass challenged me was a turn on. After the game I walked past him real slow, showing off every last one of my dangerous curves before giving him the nigga you know you want this stare. He ended up cornering me, I let him get the number, and it wasn’t long before we started talking constantly. When I wanted the D I got it…any way I wanted it…just how I like it. Chris learned quickly that I like to have shit go my way or no way and he was happy to follow my rules, until last night.

I went to his crib for the first time, unfamiliar territory, but I knew it was about to go down when he yelled for me to come in and the mood was right, begging my legs to open.  As soon as we came face to face I felt my nipples harden and my ocean splash. Chris just looked like he was made to make me feel good and as he walked toward me I continued to back away until I felt myself pressed against the wall with his arms mounted above my head. He smelled so damn good and when he licked his lips I imagined him licking me. Biting down on his lip he stared into my eyes before letting his hands slide down the wall onto my shoulders, then down to my breasts, rubbing slow before exposing each one. He licked my titties like ice cream cones, filling my already wet panties with sex juice as he undressed me. I reached for him and he backed away.

Chris: Uh uh….I got this….

He wanted to be cocky and if I wasn’t so excited I would have put him in his place. I wanted him so bad I had to let him have his way. He left me in just my panties before removing his shirt and un-buckling his belt. I started to tug at my panties but he stopped me again, pushing me back against the wall, letting his fingers make their way into my drenched panties. He was teasing and pleasing the shit outta my body and I just took it. Just as I was about to cum right on his hand he pulled away again. I wanted to smack this shit out of him for stopping so suddenly and the fact that he laughed really pissed me off.

Me: Why you STOP!?

Chris: You wanna feel that shit don’t you??

Me: Why you playin!?

Chris: (putting his hands back in my panties) Say please….

Let me tell you something I don’t say please or thank you, especially not to a man. I tried to ignore him but he got me right back to that high place and I wanted to explode. I tried to get some control by grabbing his dick and massaging it just right, his face had pleasure written all over it so I continued until he started to make me scream out with ecstasy, still teasing me. “Say Please!” He demanded and I obeyed. As a matter of fact I said please until I exploded and he still wasn’t through with me.

Chris: (Pulling me into his arms, placing my hand on his dick) Now…tell me how you want this…

It wasn’t what he said it was how he said it. I wanted to know where this new man came from but I didn’t have time to question the moment. Chris was turning me on more than ever before and I was ready for whatever he had next. He was damn there close to making me call him daddy so you know he had to be on point. We moved while we kissed and it wasn’t long before I was pinned again, only this time I was pinned to the bed with my legs resting on his shoulders. He kissed my lips as he dived in and I felt tremors all over. He gave me options starting off sweet and deep, then hard and fast, then he danced in my pussy, working his hips and before I knew it I was on my way to another happy ending. All of a sudden he slowed and pushed himself as deep as he could go.

Me: Ohhhhh Shit baby don’t stop….

Chris: How you want it….you want it like this (working it Fast)…you want it like this (moving slow)

Me: Ahhhh shitttt…..Please don’t stop….Please….

I couldn’t believe I actually begged after that but it was worth it. Chris gave it to me so good I found myself screaming and mumbling shit that didn’t make sense. His sweat poured down all over me while I made my own rain come down. Then he turned me on my side and really fucked the shit outta me. Chris loved getting it from the side and as he hit harder and harder I bit down on my lip to take him because his shit runs deep. When he let himself go he came hard. It was almost my revenge because I used my muscles to milk his love until he wrapped himself around me. I laid there with him and felt paralyzed. He had me curled up into his arms and I just wanted to stay there forever or at least until the next round.

Me: (kissing his chest, tracing shapes on his stomach with my fingers) I guess you wanted to show me who the boss is….

Chris: (laughs) You can say that…..but I’m not done showing you….

Me: Good…cuz I’m hard headed…I might need some more lessons….

He made me cum two more times after that and I have to say that it was the best shit I ever felt. That’s why I’m hitting his phone right now about tonight. As long as he gettin’ it in like that…I ain’t too proud to beg.

Written By: Lady AJ  (@LadyAJ03)

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