Cocktail Hour with Rae- Heal

Cocktail Hour with Rae- Heal

June 13th, 2012 // 7:09 pm @


I want you to heal:




Wrinkle your forehead

Take off your glasses

Close your eyes

Hold on tight to the good times

Lock the bad ones away in tiny box and throw it in the ocean

Remember why you fell in love

Appreciate the moments you shared

Thank Him for allowing you to see His truest form of love, your children

Cry again

Don’t wipe the tears

Taste them


Take a deep breath

Laugh out loud till you cry again

Hold your pillow close to your chest

Squeeze it tighter

Release it

Smooth out the wrinkles

Know that in time the lines will disappear like the lines on your heart

Hold your face in your hands

Give thanks…. just because

Take a deep breath

Inhale the love

Exhale the pain


You’ve just started the healing process, repeat daily until you realize; it doesn’t hurt to breathe anymore

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