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February 22nd, 2013 // 2:45 pm @

Question sent to me by an anonymous woman:

Dear Ask a Man,

I hate feeling unappreciated. I’m a good woman , I clean , take care of my 3 kids by myself , and have no issues paying my bills . Why am I running into men that want to take advantage of my kindness ….I’m so done feeling depressed. …

Dear Unappreciated,
Some men… who have low self-esteem and self-worth issues,  think that women with children are in NEED of help… & NEED a man… they fail to realize that they just  want a man & that you can take care of ya self & ya kids by ya self but you may WANT them to possibly have a father figure around….. they can ONLY see how they can profit from your situation….taking away from you & your children… NOT adding to it….. not realizing that is the way to ensure blessings later on in life… if anything you should feel nothing but sorrow for them…. & be ashamed & embarrassed for their mothers because as a mother you know what it is to raise children the right way… with morals, values…etc….. & it is crystal clear to you that their mothers did piss poor jobs of raising them…. but what can you expect when a woman is charged with raising boys to men….. it’s a very challenging job…. a job most women are not qualified to do…. even the ones like my mother that did the most excellent job with my nephew & myself…. a few can do it… but that’s not the norm…. so… it’s not your fault…. you can’t help the fact that you are a kind / helpful woman….don’t let what happens to you in life change who or what you are…… change because it’s something that isn’t working for you or because you simply want to try something else…. anything other than something similar to that… the OTHER person that did you wrong STILL wins…. he made YOU change…. 1

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