Position Tuesdays- The Sofa Spread Eagle

Position Tuesdays- The Sofa Spread Eagle

September 2nd, 2012 // 4:22 pm @

Erotic Instructions:

Stand on the edge of a couch, bed, or two chairs, with your  legs spread wide. Position your man so he’s standing on the floor facing you.  Adjust the width of your stance (bending your knees slightly if necessary) so he  can easily slide between them and get your pelvises to meet — then rock your  bodies together to feel the bliss.


Why You’ll Love It:

There’s nothing like the feeling of impulsive,  must-have-it-right-now sex while standing up. But the Sofa Spread-Eagle spares  you both the royal pain of matching up your private parts. While your stable  stance allows you to move to his rhythm, your wide-spread legs give you that  supersexy vulnerable feeling. All that frontal friction will hit your hot spot  and take you to a no-hands-necessary climax.

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