Poetry Mondays- Let Me

Poetry Mondays- Let Me

March 20th, 2012 // 3:10 am @

Let Me

You..seem nervous…
don’t be…baby..let go
and let me…

Let me ease your mind
and lay you down shh…
It’s fine just

Let me
Be your everything

Come on and get this
lose your senses
In me

Baby let me
Let me taste you
lick you and
gently graze you

Let Me be your fantasy

You have what I want
it’s you, and
what you got
that makes my love drop

damn baby…
You make me touch my
own sweet spot…

because I’ve got
to get this heat
So baby..
Let me….

Please you…
with the wetness
of my sweetness
Come on and get this

Please don’t neglect
this opportunity…
So baby please
tune in to me
Let me
Make you surrender
cause I’m a repeat offender
As you render spots that
are tender…
cause I want you
to remember this….
so I leave passion marks
as evidence
and don’t try to stop me
just… Let Me…

Courtesy of http://deepundergroundpoetry.com/poems/45171-let-me/

by, Firebyrd

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