Why Wiz Should Marry Amber

Why Wiz Should Marry Amber

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Amber Rose catches a lot of slack for her dating life, but that hasn’t seem to faze Wiz Khalifa. On March 1st he posted a picture of Amber’s engagement ring with the caption, “She Said Yes!!!” You can say Wiz is trying to turn a hoe into a housewife if you want, but Amber is doing some things that all wives should do.

She dotes on her man. When Amber talks about Wiz, her words are always positive. She glows when she mentions his name. You can literally hear her adoration for him in her voice. You won’t ever catch her dogging her man or speaking ill of him. More women should take this approach. Even if things aren’t perfect at home, everyone shouldn’t know. When you speak about your man in public, you should be increasing his value not publicly berating him.

Amber caters to Wiz. When Beyonce and dem (aka Destiny’s Child) made “Cater to You,” they were describing Amber and Wiz’s relationship. “I let him watch TV. I rub his feet while he watches TV. I cook him dinner. Whatever he wants,” Amber told the Rickey Smiley Morning Show. Amber treats Wiz like a king. She actively shows him that he is loved. And deep down, that’s all that any man wants.

Amber and Wiz are family oriented. If you want a relationship to survive long term, it’s a great idea to have the love and support of both individuals’ families. Had their families not been supportive, they may not have survived the leak of Amber’s pictures (which she discusses in the video below). Media pressure plus negative family influence could’ve been detrimental to their relationship. We see what both did to Usher and Tameka’s marriage.

Now while I believe Amber is doing all the right things for her man, I must leave readers with this footnote. Every man doesn’t deserve this type of treatment. One mistake we make when dating is giving husbandly benefits to every Joe who calls our phone. These aren’t things you do to get a man. These are things you do to care for a man who is already committed to being yours. And these benefits shouldn’t be one sided. He should be providing you with just as many benefits as you are giving him. That’s what love is. Giving constantly, consistently and unconditionally to each other so neither ever feels empty.


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