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Secrets of Couples Who Have Lots of Sex- pt 7

October 11th, 2012 // 12:27 pm @

Secrets of Couples Who Have Lots of Sex Take your get-frisky frequency from every-so-often  to off-the-charts with these way simple tricks…you won’t believe life could be  this lusty. By Sheila Glass Secret #7: Be passionate…all day Doing-it dynamos don’t reserve  their libidinous fervor just for the bedroom. These people live sexually, adding  spice to everyday […]

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Position Tuesdays- Sensual Shower

September 11th, 2012 // 10:54 am @

Erotic Instructions: This passionate pose will really steam up your bathroom  mirror. Stand facing each other in the shower. Hug your partner as you wrap your  left leg around his waist. He places his right hand under your thigh to keep you  steady as he enters you. Meanwhile, his other hand is free to caress […]

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