Sexy & Single in New York

Sexy & Single in New York

March 20th, 2012 // 10:26 am @

“I don’t care about the other girls, just be good to me…” MC Lyte from Poor Georgie

MC Lyte said that over 15 years ago.  Times have definitely changed.  First of all, when she said it, it didn’t make much a difference in my dating life.  Many women used to turn the blind eye to the possibility or even existence of infidelity.  Men are were and are so flagrant with their cheating and SOME women are so accepting; few attempts are/were made to even throw shade to the cheating.

With the explosion of reality TV and its subsequent introduction of the lifestyles of many of these celebrities we tune in to watch week after week;  we have seen several men tell their women that they should expect to be cheated on.  I’m sorry, I don’t agree with that at all.  No amount of money gives you the right to objectify and mistreat women.  Your money does not buy you the right to entertain the company of all women in the world.- Cue Little Wayne and YMCMB, “I wish I could &^%$ every girl in the world”

You simply aren’t going to tell me what I’m going to accept.  I deserve to have a man that is faithful to me.  Especially considering I’m sure he wouldn’t entertain me telling him to expect me to cheat with any and everything that crosses my path.

Now, I will be honest, I haven’t always felt this way.  In my younger years, I put myself in situations with the type of man where there was a hierarchy for the women in their life.  In these days, as long as you were wifey or the main chick, nothing else mattered.  I’m no longer content with simply being wifey and definitely not content with knowingly accepting that there are others.

Things change as you grow older and your perception definitely changes.  I don’t judge, so the women who tolerate these ways are well within their rights.  If they like it, I love it.  As long as my man doesn’t get any ideas, we’re fine.

So, the 2012 version is, I DO care about the other girls and you WILL be GREAT to me!

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