Sexy & Single in New York

Sexy & Single in New York

March 7th, 2012 // 12:51 am @

Good Girls love a bad boy and the same is true for the bad boys.  They can’t get enough of the good girls.  I’ve dated my share of “street dudes”.  I’ve done my share of living the life.  Easy money, gifts, trips, you name it.  But, it all comes at a price.  You can romanticize the good all day, but you can’t mistake the bad.  The misogyny, the other women, the danger, etc.  You never know when goodbye really will be goodbye.  Or when the phone rings, if it’s another chick that’s been lead to believe she can take your spot.  For me there had to come a time when I wanted more.  I needed to have more for myself.  I refused to be the arm candy.  Or to put myself in a position where I had to explain to my kids why daddy was in “college’.  Anything in life worth having requires hard work.  The same holds true for relationships.  So, for now, I’m living life slow.  He’s out there.  I’ll pass on the gifts and glitter if it’s in lieu of something real.  Something worth fighting for.  I’m going to wait for it. 

Not all single women are single because there isn’t someone for them.  I’m single by choice, and I’ll wait…

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