Sexy and Single Atlanta- Call Me…

Sexy and Single Atlanta- Call Me…

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Facebook is a field day for a girl who likes interesting stories and dramatic situations. I saw a post from a young lady who befriended a gentleman via a Facebook relationship group. They started off commenting on each other’s posts within the group and eventually elevated to chatting online. One day the gentlemen decided to give his new Facebook buddy his telephone number. The young lady was beyond delighted; GOT HOPE?

They decided to chat one evening after work. They talked about everything under the sun. Shoot they talked until the sun came up to the delight of the young lady. As they said their good nights or good mornings the young lady felt a tingling sensation. GOT HOPE?

The next day they posted on each other’s posts and chatted online like normal. The next couple of days went the same way. The young lady wondered why her new buddy didn’t bring up their swapping of words. After all of that “VERBALOCITY” there was nothing but the same. The young lady was confused. Should she be “easy”and roll with the flow? You know a girl don’t want to look “thirsty”.  Should she ask him straight up “Yo, when can we talk again”? Three weeks floated by with no telephone chats or anything else other than their posts on Facebook and their online chats. GOT HOPE?

Finally, the young lady asked the gentlemen why hadn’t he called her back or initiated anymore contact. The gentlemen told her that even though he liked her as a Facebook friend he couldn’t see anything else because they lived in different cities. He told her that he would love to maintain their current friendship of chatting online. Now the young lady doesn’t know what to do. Should she continue being email buddies or find a guy who wants to be more?

As I read this scenario on Facebook my mind drifted as I gave her a side-eye and a shake of the head. I think the telephone can lead to the demise of a relationship before it ever starts. I believe this woman gave up too much of her energy too soon.

Why on earth would you sit and talk all night long to a guy you just met (over the telephone)? You have bared your soul and unveiled all of your mysteries. The intrigue is gone. What I have learned is that men like the feeling of having a girl without the responsibility of having a girl. Does that make sense? If you are going to sit on the phone and email him all day long what do you get out of it? That’s right you get a strong sense of HOPE. “Chile BOOOO!!!!!!!!” in my Tamar Braxton voice!

I wish I could post GETYOURLIFE.COM!!!!!!! GETYOURLIFE.ORG!!!!!!!!!! CHUCK THE DEUCES! Why ponder on a relationship that’s not fulfilling your needs?

Turn off online chat boy. Get out of those relationship chat groups that are exerting too much of your mental energy and time. Go find a man who wants to sit on the phone and make an effort to connect with you! Honey BOOM!

Cues back on CALL ME:

Post inspired by Too Short & Lil Kim if you going to sit on the phone at least get something out of it!


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