Position Tuesdays- The Love Seat

Position Tuesdays- The Love Seat

November 13th, 2012 // 10:23 am @

Erotic Instructions:

Tell your partner to lie back, propping up his head and  shoulders with a pillow, and have him spread his legs slightly. While you’re  facing the same direction — your back is to his face — lower yourself onto his  hardened penis. Put your feet between his legs on the floor or the bed. Take  your right hand and place it on his right hip bone and your left hand on the bed  next to his left hip bone. Use your hands and feet to move your body up and down  on his shaft.


Why You’ll Love It:

The movement of your seat is the key to the Love  Seat. With both your hands and feet controlling your motion, ride your behind up  and down at a pace that feels best. While you’re doing all the work, give your  man’s hands a pleasure project and have him massage your butt, back, neck, and  other sexy spots he doesn’t always have access to.


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