Position Tuesdays- Side Wind Her

Position Tuesdays- Side Wind Her

December 11th, 2012 // 10:47 am @

Erotic Instructions:

Lie on your side and raise your top leg, keeping your bottom leg straight on the  bed. Your man straddles your bottom thigh and hugs your raised leg as you rest  your calf on his shoulder. Once he enters you, have him wind and whirl his hips  as he thrusts for maximum pleasure.

All that gyrating ensures that your man’s every thrust hits a new pleasure zone  inside you, keeping you on the edge of ecstasy and 100% satisfied. Plus, he’ll  love the carnal control and being able to take in the lusty landscape of all  your sexiest spots. Since he’s enjoying being the power behind this position,  let him do the work while you lie back, relax, and get your moan going.

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