Position Tuesdays- Hang Ten

Position Tuesdays- Hang Ten

October 9th, 2012 // 12:20 pm @

Erotic Instructions:
While standing up, bend forward with your legs spread  slightly, your back straight, and your hands resting on your knees for balance.  Your guy enters you from behind, pulling himself as close to you as possible  while holding your torso for support. Have him bring you even closer until your  bodies come into full contact. He leans slightly over you to gain pumping  power.

Why You’ll Love It:

This hang-over pose is excellent for that need for fast,  frenzied sex. Being bent forward gives your guy maximum depth and control, and  the angle allows for incredible pleasure. Since his hands are wrapped around  your body, he’ll be itching to wander over your breasts, hips, tummy, and  thighs. And unlike typical from behind positions that can leave you feeling  disconnected from your dude, your lower torsos and legs are always touching — making the position feel secure and intimate.

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