Poetry Mondays- Ride

Poetry Mondays- Ride

February 13th, 2012 // 12:37 pm @


I’ve never been one

for motion sickness

I can go with the flow

you’re about to be my witness

You better enter with caution

it’ll be on and popping

Cause once we get started

boy there’s no stopping

We’re taking a ride

with no reservations

And it will only stop

once we’ve reached our destination

This ride will rock

and will definitely roll

It’ll also dip

as I steer this pole

And guide this thing

in the right direction

Proceeding with caution

can’t forget the protection

I’ll make you rise

to this thrilling occasion

Fully charged and hard

giving me a standing ovation

As your adrenalin builds

and your heart beats fast

Your desire will be fulfilled

making you palm on my ass

Cause this ride was invigorating

you can’t wait to cum again

But don’t sweat it baby

it’s definitely not the end

We have all access passes

no lines to wait in

It’s just a matter of time

before the next RIDE will begin.


(Five Four Three Two One)

Written by Syreeta (@PritTbrowniiz)


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