Poetry Mondays- Personal Dancer

Poetry Mondays- Personal Dancer

March 5th, 2012 // 1:57 pm @

Personal Dancer


By ShaneReyes

Tonight I want you as my personal dancer

You’re gonna give me the performance of a lifetime

While I’m the only once in the audience

I wanna see you wind your hips to the beat

While I imagine you grinding on me

Making me so hard

I want you to turn around

So I can see you drop your ass to the ground

Bring it back up

Back it up on me

I wanna be good and horny when you’re done

Grind it into me, make me want you

Make me wanna slurp up your sweetness

Rub my fingers into it

I wanna see you bend over and tease me with it,

Your pretty pussy peeking through that g-string.

Slide it over, take it off…

I only want you in your heels

Those sexy red pumps

Grab ahold of the pole in the corner of the room,

Let your body embrace it,

Your beautiful form giving me a hard on.

In the shadows, your beautiful silhouette is against the wall

Every part of your body outlined,

Hard nipples standing out, begging to be sucked.

Toss your hair like the girls in the strip joints and make it real

What I’m paying you won’t be money,

But it’ll be worth all your hard work.

Come over to me once you’re done darling,

Let my cock show you what I mean…

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