Poetry Mondays- Hello Sweetmeat

Poetry Mondays- Hello Sweetmeat

March 5th, 2012 // 11:53 am @

“Hello Sweetmeat!” she said.

by Esperanza Hidalgo
“Hello Sweetmeat,” she said.

How nasty!
How sexy?

Meat on a table,
and sweet for dessert.
A table of woman,
and dessert of middle.

she makes me wet.
she makes me warm.

More accurately,
I’m wet in my middle,
and warm in my breast.
Like steak for a table,
and pie for desert.

A pink steak so rare,
and cherry cream pie,
A steak of cherry pussy,
and cream of rare tit.

Turns over.

Ant wrestles foot.
Foot wins.
Foot wrestles mouth.
Mouth wins.
Mouth wrestles tongue.
Tongue wins.
Tongue wrestles pussy.
Pussy wins.
Pussy wrestles orgasm.
Orgasm w . . .

. . . damn alarm.

Clicks sleep button.
Turns over.

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