Poetry Mondays- Burning Romance VII) Let Lose and Come Home

Poetry Mondays- Burning Romance VII) Let Lose and Come Home

May 14th, 2012 // 11:42 am @

Burning Romance VII) Let Lose and Come Home

When I come home
I die a weaker man
You’re my stress reliever
Anger, sadness, happiness
I don’t dare become an angry fool
But with you
I let my hard dick
Be all the rage
Between your legs
Inside those walls
Wrapping around my hard dick
A hard thrust angrily pushing the 4th wall
Coming home was never ever better
Pulling out and letting loose on your body

A touch of sensitivity
Your eager hands at the end of the night
I know where your gravitating
In the bedroom
Gravity gravitates toward my dick
I’m ready for your touch
Give me a thrust with your gentle hands
I’ll touch you where you squeak
Changing you from good to naughty
Stroke it back and forth
Pull back and make me scream
Play with my balls and squeeze them
Gonna let lose all over your gentle sweet hands

A decade of horniness
We’re past the friends zone
We’re beyond that fuck buddy bullshit
Here’s to our future
Baby-making to the full extent
I want a kid
To be a reflection of us
Inside you
With the thrusting antics
And the pushing effect
I want part of me inside you
Squirting all of me inside your tight pussy


courtesy of http://deepundergroundpoetry.com/poems/51998-burning-romance-vii-let-lose-and-come/

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