Poetry Mondays- 69

Poetry Mondays- 69

March 12th, 2012 // 2:15 pm @


a kiss innocently shared
brought on by loneliness
and numbed by wine
thrilled for lips to meet
so soft and gentle
different than any man

two curly manes
one blonde and straight
tangled with fiery red curls

a bevy of clothes shed
cast about young lovers a press of woman against same

hands following similar forms
a smooth braille curiously surveyed
harmonious moans matching needs

fingers delight in warm wetness
green eyes rivet on blue
both asking and answering

a tongue travels slowly
red curls flowing down
to wispy light V

simultaneously they dip tongues
into fragrant musk rivers
a circle of heightened senses

drifting in ecstasy
falling helplessly
into satiated smiles

Courtesy of literotica.com

by, Sarah T

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