My Craving

My Craving

January 13th, 2012 // 8:36 am @

My Craving


I want a taste
Please give me that touch
My mind’s a waste
I crave it too much

The days are too long
The night moves too swiftly
My balance is wrong
My head feels so empty

I want to feel that kiss
That burn and that sting
My skin, it does miss
The pain that you bring

Please rid me of thought
Of speech and of feeling
Make my body taut
With your flogger’s sweet healing

Purge me, my demons
Please cleanse my soul
Make me your leigon
My body, yours to control

Please bend and break me
With force and your power
Love me and forsake me
In your presence, I want to cower

When you’re all through
And my tears are streaming
I’ll look up at you
With thanks, for my beating

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