Modern Day Chastity Belt

Modern Day Chastity Belt

February 18th, 2012 // 3:40 pm @

Modern Day Chastity Belt

A chastity belt is a locking item of clothing designed to prevent sexual intercourse.  Some devices were even designed to prevent masturbation.  They were in some cases believed to preserve a woman’s dedication to her man in his absence.

I wonder how men would feel about the modern use of the chastity belt.  Now, a common misconception is that the chastity belt was only for the woman.  Not as popular, but there were belts made for men as well.  

So, what if in the beginning of a new relationship, you were to vow your chastity to your mate and them to you?  Would the presence of sexual abstain increase your bond?  Does your mutual pledge to wait to have sex with only your partner and even abstain from solo sexual activity increase the odds of a successful relationship?

What about the use of the chastity belt to prevent cheating in the case of time of separation?  In this case the wearers, male and female would not only be expected to remain faithful in wearing the belt, but also to abstain from self-pleasure.  In a relationship, should your partner be the only one to provide pleasure?  Is masturbation in the absence of your partner cheating?  In the absence of masturbation, one may never be able to discover what they like.  If your partner doesn’t know how to please you and you haven’t discovered what you enjoy; how will you find sexual gratification?

I doubt there will be a sudden onslaught of the use of chastity belts, but the concept is definitely thought provoking.

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