Lyrics of Love

Lyrics of Love

March 10th, 2012 // 6:50 pm @

Ooh no no, no no no no?.
I got two-dozen roses, & a card that says baby I cannot wait to see you later We made dinner reservations, at NOBU, Mr. Chow, you just pick the location. Now we are sitting at the table sippin´ the finest wine having a damn good time I know what´s on your mind? I want you, you want me too stop frontin´ I know exactly what you´d you want to do

[Chorus:] Do it to me, I want to feel you touch my body baby, body baby Do it to me I garuntee you will not regret it let me set it out like you aint never had it Do it to me I want you to grab me talk to me tell me how you like it when you want it when you all up on it ooh Do it to me I am going to give it to you, I am going to make this a night to remember

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Do it to me by Usher

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