Summer Fizzle

Summer Fizzle

September 14th, 2011 // 5:55 pm @


Summer is winding down and Fall is approaching.  This is the perfect time to renew your bond with your partner.  Try something new.  A new position, a new toy, a new lube or cream, etc.  Most of all and most important don’t let your relationship get stale.  A healthy relationship does not have to be with a partner.  Sexy singles need to nurture their relationships with their sexuality too.
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Keeping the Romance Alive


The kids are back in school, football has begun. Looking for some ways to keep the spice in your relationship in the hectic days before the holidays? Check out these clever ideas:

  • Starry, starry nights. Get a pack of glow-in-the-dark stars to stick on the ceiling over your bed. Have them spell out a love note to your honey. When the lights go out, you can lie under the stars and cuddle.
  • Recipe for Romance. Cool Autumn breezes call for simmering stews. Spend time in the kitchen together chopping up herbs and veggies and create your own cold-weather feast! Serve with corn bread and your favorite wine.
  • Dancing in the dark. Set up an impromptu dance floor in your bedroom. Light some candles, turn on your favorite CD and hold each other close. Dance the old-fashioned way, cheek-to-cheek, and whisper sweet nothings in his/her ear. Let the music move you, and melt into each others arms.

Date Night


1. Start a date jar: Put $1 a day into a jar-you’ll soon have enough for a bottle of wine or massage oil (think Sensura) for a romantic night in.

2. Commit to go out: Designate the first Saturday of each month as date night. Soon it will feel as routine as laundry day-but more exciting!

3.Find a fresh idea: Learn about free events by logging on to a local events website. Who knew your favorite wine store offered free weekly tastings?

4.Prepay: If you pay for an event beforehand, you’ll be much more likely to follow through on the concert, midnight movie or night out at that new restaurant (think groupon or

5. Tuck a “love note” in his wallet, lunch bag, or tape it to his steering wheel with a hot suggestion (check out our new Bedroom Vows or Sex Invitations)


 Sexy Time



Find a tall-backed chair – such as one from your kitchen table or a desk – pad it with some pillows, and sit him down. Straddle his hardened member and lean back slightly, placing your hands on his knees. Extend your legs, one at a time, until each of your ankles is resting on one of his corresponding shoulders. Pump your booty back and forth at a speed that makes you moan. To supercharge your thrusting power, balance your weight between your ankles and your hands.

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