Erotica Thursdays- Take You Down

Erotica Thursdays- Take You Down

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Take You Down

It was nice riding first class but Shadow was ready to jump out of the plane. She was always scared of heights and if Chris wasn’t next to her, she probably would have screamed the entire flight. As the plane got closer and closer the anxiety continued to build and questions began to rush into her mind.

Shadow: Just how are we supposed to keep anything going if we end up living with a big ocean between us?

Chris: We will just have to figure that out later…won’t we?

Shadow: It’s been so long…since…

Chris: We can pretend like it’s our first time then (Kissing her lips softly)…now rest…(taking her hand into his)


The property Shadow bought after Amir died still looked like it belonged in a magazine. It was her dream home and she spent all her time perfecting it. Walking into her masterpiece gave her that peaceful feeling of home as she admired the amazing views, beautiful terraces, and small details she added to the landscaping. Devin was still asleep so she carried him to what would become his special big man room. Decorated with Spiderman memorabilia, she was sure to be the best mom on the planet when he woke up and saw his new world.

Chris looked around and finally understood why Shadow was so passionate about Milan and why she couldn’t wait to move in. The look on her Cousin Erica’s face matched his as they continued to explore every inch of the house.

Erica: Chris…If Angie comes looking for me, tell her I went to sleep in the room next to Devin’s…I know he’s gonna wake up soon and I’m jet lagged.

Chris: Ok…I’m gonna go find her right now.

Chris looked through the glass door leading into the back and spotted her in the garden wearing a smile he prayed would never leave her face.

Shadow counted each blessing as she took in the scent of every flower surrounding her. Chris’ arms slipped around her waist from behind and felt like they belonged there. When his lips rested on her neck she felt his love all over her body. Turning to face him, she searched his eyes. The comfort she always found in them was both surprising and unexpected.

Chris: Angie…What are you looking for?

Shadow: Nothing…It’s just…like I said before…I’m used to having my guard up. It really has been a long time since I’ve felt…well…

Chris: Angie, it’s time to take that down. If I have to, I will take you down…piece by piece…

Massaging her tongue with his, Chris made love to her mouth. Shadow died in that moment and Angie came to life. His touch sent tremors through her body and she was sure there was no place else she wanted to be. Her heart was set free…Amir would have been proud to see her love again. The beautiful garden surrounded them as Chris laid her body down. He was careful to enter her slow and steady, but he couldn’t help but go deep. The tightness of her made his eyes squeeze shut as he worked his hips to please her.

Angie couldn’t contain her cries of passion as Chris danced inside of her pussy. He had her bending and trembling with every thrust as he worked her. It really was like it was her fist time and she enjoyed every second. She loved the way he whispered “You feel so good” in her ear and how his breaths got heavier and heavier. She was drunk on his love and there was no cure for the hangover that was sure to come.

Chris pulled Angie on top of him as they switched positions and watched her face as she took him. The way she moved was sure to make him explode so he gripped her hips and took in her passion as she bounced and rocked against him. As they finished she collapsed onto his chest…listening to his heart beat against hers. Kissing his lips, she placed her hands into his….connecting them.

Angie: I don’t know how you did it but you did….

Chris: What did I do??

Angie: You made me fall for you…

**Sometimes your life has to flip upside down so it can get right side up**

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