Erotica Thursdays- Seduction

Erotica Thursdays- Seduction

March 15th, 2012 // 3:33 pm @

I saw him for the first time and I knew I had to have him. So every day for a week we played cat and mouse. I say hi, he says hi, we part ways. Over and over. I decided to put an end to the game and gave him my number. He called. We went out. The conversation was great, the food was great, and I was definitely attracted to him. You see, a woman knows within the first few seconds whether she’s gonna give a man some. So, needless to say, I’d already mindfucked him every way possible. He had no idea what he was in for. After drinks, we head back to my house. I am staring intently at him. How cute, he looks nervous. Again, he has no idea what he’s in for. We finally get to my apartment and I invite him in. I offer him a drink as I go upstairs to prepare my seduction. I connect my bondage set and put a few props in place. I then put on some sexy lingerie. I called for him to come upstairs. His eyes were as big as saucers. I undressed him and tied him to the bed. I teased and touched him with my feather tucker, careful not to touch his dick. I wanted him to suffer a little. I kissed him passionately as I trailed down his body with my hands. He begged for me to untie him. I was ready to taste him, so I started off slow before increasing my pace and taking more of him into my mouth. At this point he was moaning, I knew I had him. I continued to work him over until I felt him tensing up. Now, I could untie him now, but I’ll make him wait a bit longer. I slid on top of him and began to ride him as I felt him thrusting wildly to match my rhythm. I felt he’d suffered enough, so I untied him. He flipped me onto my back, threw my legs over his shoulder and started to punish me for tying him up. He had some good dick. I was close, so I tightened my muscles on him. He lost control as I began to cum all over his dick. He came right behind me. We went at it for hours. The next day, we winked when we crossed paths in the store. He still doesn’t even know what hit him.



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