Erotica Thursdays- Kind of Woman

Erotica Thursdays- Kind of Woman

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Trey had a few radio interviews lined up after the Essence interview and photo shoot, so he planned to be in New York for a few days. Desiree had intrigued him. His ego was playing with his mind… “I can’t remember the last time someone got this far with me and didn’t let me smash.”

Trey set in his hotel room playing solitaire trying to come up with some plans for a date. It’s very hard going out in public because he’s always rushed by fans. He wasn’t in the mood to deal with that…even more; he worried if he would be able to keep Desiree safe. It had been a minute since he took a woman out on an actual date so he wanted to make this good. Rather than having their date invaded, he decided to have the date in his room. He knew he couldn’t just invite her over for dinner so he figured he’d be creative. Last year he visited New Zealand and it was absolutely beautiful. “I’ll bring New Zealand here.” He called his assistant Natasha immediately to implement everything while he jetted off to Hot 97 for a radio interview. He gave Natasha little instructions… “Turn this room into a New Zealand paradise by 8 p.m. tonight for my date. Be creative and don’t worry about the cost.”

Natasha immediately Googled “New Zealand” to see what type of atmosphere to create for this lady. She thought to herself, “Now Tremaine has been with a lot of beautiful women. I wonder what’s so special about this one.” She immediately called “Dream Builders” and got started. They were confident in their ability to duplicate as much of fantasy New Zealand as possible in the Penthouse Suite for Trey due to their contacts with the local botanical garden.

In the limo ride to the radio station, Trey sends Desiree a quick text:

T: “Hey! Can U meet me in my room 2nite @ 8 PM?”

D: “Hi. No, I told U that it would have to be a date. I’m not sleeping with you Trey.”

T: “It’s not like that. We would be mobbed if we go out in public. Let’s have a quiet night in my suite. I will be a gentleman.”

D: “Do you even know what that means?”

T: “Girl…yes or no? Can you meet me?”
D: “Sorry…yeah, but I’m serious…no foolishness.”

T: “You’ve made that perfectly clear that I won’t be getting any from you tonight. Let’s just have dinner and some fun.”

D: “Ok, I’ll be there at 8.”

T: “Later.”
D: “K.”

Trey finishes up his radio interview with Dennis Rivera at 3 p.m. and headed back to the suite to see how everything was coming along. Natasha was there instructing the guys exactly where to lay the grass, the sand, and how to hang the backdrops of the Southern Alps. Some gentlemen were also bringing in a couple P?hatukawa trees. Natasha spotted Tremaine…
N: “I’m so happy you made it. I have a few Polynesian dancers coming and a fire thrower. I’m a little worried about fire in the room. What do you think?”

T: “Ummm…yeah, I think we should pass on the fire thrower. I really don’t want to have to BUY the “W” Hotel after I burn it down.”

N: Natasha lets out a hefty laugh…“I agree, but he’s on his way, so let’s just see how his show is. It may be relatively small and safe.”

T: “Okay…this is coming out nicely. What did you get for food?”

N: “It’s this Polynesian restaurant called Bali Hai that will be bringing some samples over in about an hour. They said after you select your menu that they could have the food delivered around 7:30 PM. I also asked them if we could borrow one of their wait staff for about an hour. They said they’ll get back to me on that.”

T: “Don’t worry about that. If we can get the food here, I’ll serve her myself.”

N: Natasha looks at him in awe…“Who is this girl and DAMNNN what does she have on you?”

T: “She’s just a girl. She wanted a date and you know how I am Tasha…I don’t do anything half-assed.”

N: “Oh okay. That’s all this is?”

T: Trey grins and walks over to the gentlemen working to get a closer view. (Thinking) “This is going to be a great night, despite not being able to get laid. I wish she wasn’t on her period but whatever. Maybe next time I’m in New York she won’t be. This will be me warming her up.”

(Three hours later ~ the room is complete and the final menu, music, and entertainment selected.) Trey rushes in to take a shower and throw on a linen suit for their date.

(Knock, knock)

T: “She’s right on time…extra points for promptness.”

Trey opens the door and there Desiree stands with an asymmetrical chiffon white dress that hugged her body in all the right spots. Parts gave the illusion of missing…just to reveal a small portion of her bodice before covering up. She’s teasing me he thought to himself. “Hi there! You’re gorgeous.” Trey steps to the side to motion her inward.

D: “Thanks. You look nice yourself.” Taking a look at the room… “Wow!!! You really outdid yourself. This is beautiful!”

(Both Desiree and Trey were handed tropical drinks by the wait staff from Bali Hai.)

T: “Thanks.” He signaled to the Polynesian dancers to begin.

After the show, the waiter Gerard set them at their table. He brought out the risotto, followed by the tomato and mozzarella salad. He ordered the duck breast and the ahi tuna figuring that she would eat at least one or the other. For dessert he intended to have her lips.

D: “This was a pleasant surprise Trey. Everything is beautiful.”

T: “Good. I wasn’t sure what food to get you, but I’m glad you liked the ahi tuna.”

D: “Yes, it was divine…the entertainment, the music…everything was perfect. I didn’t think you had it in you. I’m glad I came.”

T: Trey stands up and takes her hand. “Let’s get a little more comfortable.” Trey could feel the tension in her hand, but he ignored it and pulled her forward. She followed with a bit of hesitation. She’s feeling uneasy…hoping that she can resist him, but she was floating. She wondered if it was the alcohol or simply his presence that had her on cloud 9.

Trey led her to the newly decorated sofa and pulled her down next to him. He wasted no time in having her lips for dessert. He bit her bottom lip causing her to open them in slight agony, while thrusting his tongue passed her lips. He touches her tongue and waves of excitement shuttered through her body. She clung to him as he continued to explore her mouth. She gave way to his fondling hands that crept up to her breast. She slid her hands to his chest and then around his neck. She pulled him closer…ravishing him. The tight grasp forced Trey to move his hands and wrap them around her waist. He wanted to grab her ass so he laid down pulling her on top of him. He wasted no time in fulfilling his desire. He squeezed and she moaned. She tried to tear her mind away from how she was feeling but he had her under his spell.

T: “I want to make love to you so bad.”

D: “We can’t.”

T: “I know. You’re on your period.”

Desiree pulls away and sits up. She looks down, slightly ashamed that she lied to him.

T: Sitting up…“What’s wrong now?”

D: “About that…I’m not actually on my period. I just didn’t want you thinking that you could get any from me and I figured if I said that…you wouldn’t even try.”

T: “GIRLLL…all you’re doing is torturing us. Last night was hot and I wanted you. I know you wanted me too…your body told on you just likes it’s telling on you now.”

D: “I don’t want to be perceived as a hoe and you say how women tell you one thing but do another. That won’t be me.”

T: “Look, you’ve already proven to me that you’re not a hoe. (Laughing) You’re a liar, but you’re not a hoe.”

Desiree playfully attempts to hit Trey. He catches her arm and pulls her close again. He softly kisses her lips and then stands. He pulls her up by both hands and walks her over to the bed. He looks deeply into her eyes reassuring her that ‘he knows’. He realizes that he can’t treat her like he normally treats women and that he’ll need to be gentle with her. He unzips the back of her dress, removing one covered shoulder from the dress. The dress falls to the floor. Desiree gave up every intention of fighting him. She was indeed torturing herself. She began to unbutton his linen shirt, rubbing up and down his chest through the opening. She kissed his jaw. Trey was hungry with passion. He threw her onto the bed, flinging his shirt across the room. Before she could compose herself, her bra and panties were off. He kissed her nipples, lifting her thigh in anticipation. Feelings of sensation rippled through her body as Trey kissed down the length of her body. As he hovered over her womanly region, giving long and soft kisses, he removed his pants and boxer-briefs and applied a condom. Desiree moaned in pleasure. She was ready for him. He placed himself on top of her and kissed her lips.

T: “Is there anything in particular you would like me to do to you?”

D: Blushing…“You’re already doing it. You’re making me feel good.”

Trey smiled and then gently but deeply entered her. She sighed in relief. Her body moved to his rhythm, welcoming every plunge. He positioned himself on his knees while remaining inside her, pulling her body closer to his. He could see every love face she made, while taking pleasure in being able to see himself continuously enter her. He quickened his thrusts and her body rocked. Her juices flowed…he knew she was getting close to climaxing. He was more excited for her than himself. This was long overdue for her. He concentrated on his rhythm…creating deep, soft movements. Her body quaked and she jolted in ecstasy, crying out “Trey…shit…TREY!!!” He loved hearing her say his name.

T: “You feel so good.”

She continued to moan as her body exploded again. Her legs quivered and she began to resist rather than welcome his thrusts. “Oh my god”, Desiree yelped. Her body was feeling overwhelmed; yet, loving every moment of it. Trey felt a rush of ecstasy…trembling…cumming. He laid inside her throbbing…relishing…contemplating round 2.

T: “You are a special kind of woman…well worth the wait.”

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