Erotica Thursdays- I miss your touch

Erotica Thursdays- I miss your touch

July 12th, 2012 // 11:58 am @

I miss your touch

I got home from work late. Rushed to make sure your dinner was on the table. I’m fresh; the stress and the grime of the day washed off my body. Just waiting patiently to kiss you, while fantasizing about all the ways we’d prove our love, while passing the time.

You arrive home. We eat, laugh, joke, and talk. We share a love and a bond so strong. When we make love our bodies become one. We can’t tell where your heartbeat ends and mine begin.

It would start with a kiss, slow and passionate. Next, you’d undress me slowly, basking in my body as if it was the first time. Your fingers move down my abdomen to my sweet spot. I’m already ready for you to penetrate me. Instead, you lay me on my back. Tasting my sweet nectar slow at first then faster. You lays know where to touch and how to do it. I’m begging to taste you, but you pin my legs down while you feast on my kitty.

After my body quivers, convulses, and shakes; you bless me with your rod. Ready to please and aiming to satisfy. Deep, slow strokes turn into fast and hard deliberate penetration. It hurts so good. Our bodies meld into each other as our sweat becomes one. We kiss and touch and I scream your name, as you drill me over and over. Always sensing when I’m close, you slow down and aim for that special spot that sends me into ecstasy. We cum together. Spent and satisfied.

I look to my side and it was all a dream. I felt you just like it was real. Yet, you’re gone. And I still miss your touch.


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