Erotica Thursdays- He Lit the Candles

Erotica Thursdays- He Lit the Candles

January 26th, 2012 // 10:14 pm @


He lit the candles…

It had been a long day. As I drove home, in the pouring rain, I couldn’t wait to get home to my man. As I pulled into the driveway, the house was pitch black. Had I beat him home? I was so looking forward to some alone time and a break from the stresses from the day. I opened to door and immediately saw the twinkle from upstairs. He lit the candles… I moved up the stairs and saw my Man, my King, my other Half. He’d set up a beautiful candle lit dinner in our bedroom. The terrace door was open, curtains swaying from the summer breeze caused by the rainfall. We ate, we talked, we mindfucked each other. He had run a bath for us. So after we ate, I knew I would be the dessert. I undressed and got into the tub. He joined me in our huge tub. We kissed slowly. Savoring each other’s mouths. We bathed each other with textured cloths, my senses were on fire. The mood was so romantic. He planted kisses on my neck and breasts, while slowly tickling my g-spot. I was so aroused, as he stroked, and tickled, and furiously stimulated my kitty. He knew I was getting close, so he added another finger as my body began to buck and tremble against his hand. I began to massage my clit. I was so ready to explode and ready to devour my man. My body came from the inside out, as I violently erupted against his hand. We left the tub and re-entered our candlelit room. The terrace door wasmopen so we could let the rain be our soundtrack. We had no need for towels, as I intended to lick every drop of water off of him. He laid me on the bed and we found each other’s mouths. He kissed down my neck, licked my nipples, which were hard and sensitive to the touch as he began to roll them in his fingers. He moved down, licking the water off my stomach. He made his way down to my pussy. He licked my clit, sucked my clit, and blew on my clit until I was almost over the edge. Sensing I was ready to come he began to finger fuck me. I stopped him and climbed onto his face as I slid down his body. I couldn’t wait to taste his big, black dick. I nibbled on the head. Tasted the precum. Teased his balls with my fingers, right before I took all of him in my mouth. I began working him over, while he ate my ass from behind. I sucked and hummed and bobbed up and down until I could feel his balls getting tight. Not ready for him to come yet, I began to play with his balls as I gave him a handjob. Just as I got into a rhythm, I slid down his body and began to ride him from behind. I bounced my juicy ass on top of his dick. As I turned around, I could see him wincing with pleasure. I bucked and rode until he picked me up and threw me onto the bed. He pinned my legs up and began to dig me out. I was screaming and begging for more as he was filling my body with ecstasy. He nuzzled in my neck as we began to increase the pace. Both of us were near exploding. I told him I couldn’t wait much longer as my legs began to tremble. I screamed his name as I felt a tremble from inside. We came together. We were both spent. We cuddled in each other’s arms and watched the rainfall while drifting off to sleep. I’m just so glad he lit the candles…



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