Erotica- Anticipation

Erotica- Anticipation

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I was so excited about him coming home I had even mentally acted out him coming through the door and me meeting him!

It’d go a little something like:

Him walking through the door and me barely letting him in the house. Not only had I been standing guard near the door, but I’d also defeated the purpose of his key. Snatching open the door as soon as I heard his key enter the lock and pulling him in to the house. Freeing his hands of anything and everything except myself, my thick thighs and heavy hips were more than a handful; he’d definitely need both. Wrapping my arms around his neck, kissing him as if I had a statement to be made. Kissing him as if my life depended on it, I’m talking about kissing him so good it’ll take a couple of minutes for him to catch his breath after I let him loose. I’m sure he’d want to talk, ask about my day and know how much I’ve missed him, but actions speak so much louder than words.

Snapping out of my fantasy, I found I was actually smiling to myself. Something I do each time he crosses my mind. Heading to the shower, I needed to get myself together. It wouldn’t be much longer before he was due and the last thing I wanted was for him to catch me looking a wreck after he’d been gone for so long.

Adjusting the water temp, I stepped into the shower, engulfed by the warm steam, arousing my body and the small splashes of water trickling over me. My mind wandered over to those many nights we’d shared a steamy shower: He’d always get in with a mischievous grin spread across his face, biting his lip, his bad boy signature.

His favorite thing to do was to turn me around directly facing the water flow and gently hold me there, allowing the water to have its way with me. Tantalizing my senses with the steady fall on my body. Twisting my mind and tugging at my tolerance of this unusual pleasure. Running his strong hands along my thighs, making his way up, deep sea diving, searching and discovering his pot of gold. Digging deep for gold among his newfound treasure, only stopping to take in the expressions of my satisfaction. Breaking away, turning me around to face him to tease me with my natural juices that kept him coming back for more, quenching his thirst.

He’d slowly disappear beneath the clouds of steam; I couldn’t see him but I could sure feel him, his tongue the most, like an electric eel, sending shocks through my body that caused me to become drenched, absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I was standing in the shower.

I swear this man knew my anatomy, both physically and sexually, knew my needs, my wants, and my desires.

“Baby,” startled by his booming voice, bringing me, once again, back to reality, “I’m home.”

Opening the shower door, peeking around to see the man who moves my body just by his presence. Wasn’t exactly how I’d planned to greet him, but I was all hot and bothered and there was no purpose in letting a good hot shower go to waste.

Borrowing his mischievous grin, “I’ve been thinking about you all morning,” pulling him in, clothes and all. “Let me show you how much I’ve missed you.”




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