Don’t Bring Me No Bad News!

Don’t Bring Me No Bad News!

October 4th, 2012 // 10:38 am @

Stop Bad Mouthing your Man!

I caught the season finale of “The Braxton’s Family Values“. This latest episode featured Trina renewing her wedding vows with her on again off again husband Gabe. I caught myself saying “WHAT?” as I watched the show.

I had not watched the show since the season two finale. At that time Trina was distraught over Gabe’s infidelity. Fast forward to this current episode…It was surprising to see Trina and Gabe not only together, but getting remarried!

The Braxton family was not too pleased with Trina’s decision to stay in her marriage. As long as I have watched the show, Trina and Gabe have had serious issues. They have cheated on each other. They have argued incessantly. They seemed to dislike one another. Trina has cried and shared all of her business with her family and the whole world. Last night I was stunned to see her renew her vows to this man. Her family chatted during the ceremony, made sideway comments about Gabe, and just seemed uncomfortable throughout this event.

As I watched this show I realized that you should really consider what you share with your friends and family. Your family doesn’t need to know everything about your relationship. If you have no intentions of leaving your man, please don’t bad mouth him to your loved ones.  Your family and friends will remember every bad remark you make about him. They will remind you of his flaws. They won’t get past your comments when you are over the situation. Your family doesn’t need to know every intimate detail about your relationship. If you plan on sticking with him, keep your mouth closed and a pretty smile on your face.

I have told my closest friends that I don’t want to know the bad unless it’s really bad, and they are in need of an escape plan or some bail money.  I DON’T WANT TO HEAR YOUR VENTS!  Keep his toady like actions to yourself!

Stop bringing your love ones bad news if you have intentions of staying!

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