Dear G-spot

Dear G-spot

November 30th, 2011 // 8:00 am @

I am going to make it my mission to find you.  You are all the talk, but I think you are more like unicorns, the tooth fairy, and Santa Claus.  They say it’s like euphoria and gumdrops and sunny days all wrapped in one.  So, let’s give it a try.  I feel a spot, nope not it.  Ok, second try, feels good but still not it.  Third try and I knew this was all fiction.  Wait a minute; I think…I think…I think I found it.  I feel a warm flush wash over my body.  I feel all my muscles relaxing.  I am oblivious to the world and all around me.  That’s it! Nirvana! Ecstasy! Waterfalls!

Now that I’ve found you, I am truly a believer.  I will crusade to tell the world, well actually maybe just my boyfriend that I have found you.

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