Cocktail Hour with Rae- I L Word Him

Cocktail Hour with Rae- I L Word Him

July 11th, 2012 // 6:00 pm @

I L word him

This man makes my soul smile.

I heart him more than I realized was possible. He’s not mine, I’m renting him for the moment and my time is almost up, but I promised myself that instead of resenting the time I don’t have I’d start to cherish the seconds we share.

My skin is addicted to touching his, my breathing patterns match his.

I lay in silence waiting to hear him mumble in his sleep. I’m secretly possessive of his body. I crave his touch and yearn for his fingertips.

This man gives me a wave of pleasure just from the thought of our encounters. His voice quickens my being.

I listen to his advice, I adhere to his demands, I stay still when he speaks and I sleep when his arms encompass me.

I wish I could stop “L wording him” but I’ve sold my heart and given him a buy one get one free coupon; my heart  and my body for the player price of free ninety nine.

I don’t know how to fall out of “L word” with him, but I must be honest with myself; I don’t want to.

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