Cocktail Hour with Rae- How do you get over someone when…

Cocktail Hour with Rae- How do you get over someone when…

July 4th, 2012 // 6:00 pm @

How do you get over someone when you’re still involved with them? How do you scale back your involvement AND your emotions? How long can you fight with yourself? How long can you deny the inevitable? How can your heart tell you that you’ve totally fallen in you know what but your brain is telling you, “don’t even think about filling in that blank!”

I want to know what the purpose is of meeting someone you can’t have, when all you think about is the next time you’ll get to be with them.  I’m the most involved single person I’ve ever met! I am in like (yeah we’ll use that word for now b/c I’m afraid my brain will fuck me up if I say the other L word) with this man that I can’t have…again. What the fuck?! This is getting old as hell.

There was first a total different set of circumstances; in love with me, but involved with her. But, currently, HE on the other hand, is separated from her, committed to them, and falling for me. Maybe God introduced us so I could soak up all of the good that he has brought to my life and hold onto it because He’s the kind of man HE has created for me. He’s truly amazing. I don’t know how she could have let him go. I know she’s gonna realize sooner rather than later that she walked away from a man that is so patient, understanding, caring, intuitive, loving, mature, handsome and thoughtful.  . I see the way he looks when I smile. He’s rich morally. His heart is larger than his fist and I’ve been trying to figure out how and the hell it fits in that slim body of his, because every time I look up (literally he’s got a good foot over me) he’s caught red handed in deep thought…thoughts about how he’s going to play superman and save the day. I want him! I just wanna throw myself on the floor, kick and scream while I cry like I just lost my mama. Maybe then he’ll give in, sever his relationship with her, scoop me up & carry me to my bed so he can please my spirit while giving me a little piece of him so I can mix it with a little piece of me and give the world a big piece of us. I didn’t know I felt this way, especially about an old corny dude lol.

Well, it’s out now, no more concealing how I really feel. Today’s the 11th…20 more days to play with the man I feel God created for me in the afterlife.


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