Cocktail Hour with Rae- Defeated

Cocktail Hour with Rae- Defeated

June 20th, 2012 // 6:00 pm @


I think I’m tricking myself into believing that the expiration date I keep pushing back into never never land is arriving faster than I’d like. To pieces I love this man, yet I’m not what he needs right now. He’s probably not what I need right now either BUT I’m definitely not what his life needs. I can’t be her, I’ll never replace them, not that it was ever my intention, but I’m in a race with myself. I keep running laps past my conscious thinking if I lap it up enough times I’ll win and get to keep the first place medal. But there’s no such thing in this situation. He has one & two that get the gold and silver, I’d settle for bronze because it’s better than nothing, BUT I think I’m getting copper instead. She’s the entire game. Did I really think I could compete with that? That’s insanity, I know; keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome. I should stay in my lane & realize that I’m not even qualified to compete. Bow out respectfully, be a lady & be classy, kiss his forehead and thank him for the best 6 months of your life. I’ve learned more about patience and understanding from this one man than I’ve learned my entire life. Let it be what it is to be Shanna.


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