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Ask the Sexpert

May 24th, 2012 // 6:39 pm @

Q.  I want to have a threesome with my partner.  Well, actually, I would like to watch her have sex with another woman.  Do you think this will ruin our relationship?  We are lesbians, by the way.

A.  I think you should seriously consider whether your bond is strong enough to withstand an additional person.  In theory, you might want to watch her engage in acts with someone else, but really think if you will be able to go through with it in real life.  Should you decide as a couple to follow through with this, make sure to take proper precautions for diseases.  Additionally, discuss WHO you will be choosing.  It might get awkward if you choose someone too close to your social circle. What if one of you becomes interested in the third party?  Just make sure you think of all possible outcomes before you follow through with it.  Happy and safe sex!

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