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Ask the Sexpert

January 20th, 2012 // 4:04 pm @

Q. My boyfriend’s penis is really large and I can feel it in my stomach when we are having sex.  Is there a possibility he can damage something inside of me?

A.  Technically no, but he can cause pain and shift birth control devices.  I think what’s more important is that the two of you need to find positions that will pleasure the both of you, instead of leaving you feeling sore.  First, I suggest you make sure you are fully aroused and well lubricated before having sex.  Sex should not be painful, but can often be irritating when you are not properly lubricated.  Also, I encourage the two of you try positions that allow more shallow penetration.  Try having sex with you on top, so you can control the depth of his penetration.  Or, have sex in the missionary position, without elevating your legs.  This will allow his pelvic bone to cause pleasurable friction on your clitoris and you’ll both be satisfied without the pain.  I hope this helps.


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