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Ask the Sexpert

April 13th, 2012 // 11:22 am @

Q.  My husband wants me to pay attention orally to his back door. Is this normal?

A.  Normal is relative. I wouldn’t say anything is abnormal, but people are entitled to boundaries. If you don’t feel comfortable stimulating his back door orally, would you try a finger? A toy?

The back door for men and women is packed with pleasure providing nerve endings. Are you opposed to him stimulating you there?  If not, then fair exchange is not robbery.

Talk to him about it and explain your reasons for apprehension. See if there is something else he would be willing to try in the interim. If all else fails, take a shower together before you try it for the first time. Make sensual bathing the appetizer, oral the main course, and YOU the desert.

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